Blackness feat. Chef KPE

by Meerkat Meerkat



This double release features and combines two songs that at a first glance might seem to have contrary styles: Blackness - a straight-up techno track and Galaxy - an outta space dub reggae. Nevertheless they are closely connected and intertwined.
The two tracks were composed in the same starlit Tuscan night and they capture the magic of a pitchblack night enlightened only by the billions of stars quietly burning out in far away galaxies, translating that moment into two iconic tracks somehow being both sides of one coin.

Both tracks feature Chef KPE from New York City as lyricist and vocalist. His view on Blackness goes way deep into history and science and will reveal quite a lot of his holistic approach:

"Resignated from a place of thought while looking into the midnight Tuscan sky about the fight for our people of color in America and how we are the Blackholes creating this attraction that can't and won't be ignored just as in the power of the actual blackhole as recently captured in an image April 2019. Its voice, it's power, its structure is so enormous it absorbs the light. I wanted this to be an EDM homage to the original house music with some feel of soul."

In this way Blackness manages to combine an edgy and straightforward Techno feel with heaps of soul without getting lost in a self-perpetuating House universe.

The musical counterpart Galaxy is a hauntingly beautiful tune that combines an eerie singing saw with an irie dub-reggae groove. A bit unusual? Yes! But its solid earthy groove and the spooky space melody layer the perfect foundation for the beautiful dark timbre of Chef KPE´s voice. He is revealing mysterious and deep knowledge about the universe and mankind to us while his voice dives deep into a vocoder and this super simplistic bassline takes over to bring this spaceship home.

Following Chef KPE you can think of Galaxy as the reprise of the thoughts from Blackness

"This is the reprise of Blackness lyrics about manifestations and how we should be connected back to the universe to understand our world on another level then we think we do already. In every second that passes we are entering the future."

Blackness and Galaxy is the second release from German electronic music duo MEERKAT MEERKAT.

MEERKAT MEERKAT are currently working on a full lenghts album, featuring vocal and instrumental tracks for dancefloors and candlelights.
Stay tuned!


released September 16, 2019
Maximilan Bräunlich
Manuel da Coll


all rights reserved



Meerkat Meerkat Munich, Germany

Meerkat Meerkat´s take on electronic music is more on the maximal than on the minimal side. Harmonic parts alternate with straight dance and rhythm driven infernos. Free and improvised sections build up to emphatic climaxes. Weird percussion instruments meet vintage analog synthesizers and bouncy drum machines to form an eclectic interpretation of dance music with an analogue and organic vibe. ... more

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