by Meerkat Meerkat



Eleganz...or how to find a melody strong enough to keep being repeated over and over.
While the idea behind this song is clearly minimal, the outcome is maximal and absolutely danceable. Lose yourself in the uplifting and slowly evolving patterns that paint technicolor soundscapes leading towards a climax where you wish that this of all melodies would be infinite. Emphatic chord progressions playfully wrap themselves around a lonely but self contented theremin. When the beat drops in, you inevitably get soaked into the song that misteriously finds a way to combine its meditative and melancholic basis with a cheerful and rousing topping.


released August 16, 2019
Maximilian Bräunlich
Manuel da Coll




Meerkat Meerkat Munich, Germany

Meerkat Meerkat´s take on electronic music is more on the maximal than on the minimal side. Harmonic parts alternate with straight dance and rhythm driven infernos. Free and improvised sections build up to emphatic climaxes. Weird percussion instruments meet vintage analog synthesizers and bouncy drum machines to form an eclectic interpretation of dance music with an analogue and organic vibe. ... more

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