One Piece for Synthesizer

by Meerkat Meerkat



If you try to think of an universal language - a code so accessible that anybody on this or any other planet can easily decipher it - will most probably be music. Of all arts - and all original or artificial languages - music has the power to be perceived without limitations of culture, age, education or status. The various styles of music are not to be counted. One form of music though that sticks out and specifically matches this introduction is the Blues. In western culture it is THE musical form of the the 20th century. Very intimate and personal in its topics, extremely versatile and flexible in its form and much alive in numerous genres that emerged from its initial 12 bar chord progression.
This might have been part of the thoughts of Carl Sagan when he put Blind Willie Johnsons hymn „Dark was the night, cold was the ground“ alongside Beethoven on the golden record of the Apollo 1 mission in 1977 to give alien intelligence some sample of human life.
„Dark was the night“ features this universal melody that you cannot pass by. The song contains a full cosmos of emotions that run from the deepest sadness and forlornness to hope and deliverance (and back). It´s a prayer in its truest possible form - a chant, hummed, and therefore not depending on words that always bear the inadequacy of interpretation.
So what do you say - let´s have a dance version! Let´s exploit the sheer beauty of the original masterpiece using a chopped up guitar sample and a stomping bass drum.
MEERKAT MEERKAT ´s latest release „One piece for Synthesizer“ does exactly this…
…buut: any notion of the track will tell you about the pure admiration, respect and love for the song. Carefully arranged soundscapes and caressing harmonies bed the loneliness of Blind Willie Johnson´s voice; chopped up guitar samples form an intriguing rhythmical pattern that one cannot have enough of. The loneliness of the song somehow relates to a sensation most of us have experienced even on the fullest and most cheerful dance floors: the feeling of being fully isolated combined with absolute dedication - abandonment&bliss.


released December 16, 2019


all rights reserved



Meerkat Meerkat Munich, Germany

Meerkat Meerkat´s take on electronic music is more on the maximal than on the minimal side. Harmonic parts alternate with straight dance and rhythm driven infernos. Free and improvised sections build up to emphatic climaxes. Weird percussion instruments meet vintage analog synthesizers and bouncy drum machines to form an eclectic interpretation of dance music with an analogue and organic vibe. ... more

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